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"Assn. Past President" - Robert Gillfillan   
"The Home Of Major John A. Stienecker - Today"   
"Past President - Carlos Sucharetza"   
"First Lady of OMS"   
"Plaque Presented to First Lady of OMS"   
"Mrs. Adams And Her Three Boys At 2005 Reunion"   
"Bob Flannery Showing Plaque Honoring Superintendents Of Cadets"   
"Limestone Plaque In Wall At SW Corner Of OMS Campus"   
"Old Dorm Coming Down"   
"The Old Dorm Is Gone"   
"One Of Two New Dorms"   
"The Second Of The Two New Dorms"   
"The Old School Building"   
"Front View Of The Auditorium"   
"Side View Of The Auditorium"   
"Where The Old Infirmary Used To Stand"   
"The Alumni House"   
"The Old Gym Is Still Very Much In Use"   
"The Engraved Memorial Bench"   
"The Old Parade Field"   
"Stone Memorializing OMS Cadets"   

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